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BNP2TKI The 27th Trade Expo Indonesia 2012 Remarkable Indonesian Overseas Workers

Remarkable Indonesian Overseas Workers

BNP2TKI stands for Badan Nasional Penempatan dan Perlindungan Tenaga Kerja Indonesia or The National Board for the Placement and Protection of Indonesian Overseas Workers. BNP2TKI is a government institution, which mandated to optimize the benefit of employment programmes for Indonesian overseas workers known as Tenaga Kerja Indonesia or TKI.

BNP2TKI was established in 2006 by Presidential Regulation No. 81/ 2006. As stipulated by Regulation, the main task of the Board is to carry out the promotion, placement and protection of Indonesian overseas workers

Particularly, BNP2TKI is promoting the placement of Indonesian overseas workers for formal sectors through the Deputy of International Cooperation and Promotion. A range of promotional programmes includes official visits to sources of employment, road shows, employment business meetings and exhibition/expo.

BNP2TKI accomplishes its programmes in cooperation with numerous stakeholders, such as related government institutions, association (educations/training centers and profession), and employment agencies.

TKI, which stands for Tenaga Kerja Indonesia or Indonesian Overseas Workers are widely known for their professional intellectual and capacity, as well as excellent etiquette.

Indonesian government through BNP2TKI continuously and systematically endeavor to improve the quality of TKI, as well as its placement and protection.

Today, TKI are found almost in all business sectors around the world. Indonesian professional chefs, bartenders, waiters and waitresses, housekeeping and spa therapists are highly demanded in hotels and cruises. Indonesian skilled nurses and caregivers are requested by many hospitals and health care clinics. Indonesian construction engineers, architects and civil workers are widely employed in major construction sites. Indonesian oil and gas experts are placed in numerous company and off shores. Indonesian IT professionals are widely spreaded in IT company. Moreover, Indonesian manufacturer experts and workers are extensively employed in international industries worldwide.

Many companies around the world have proved that TKI helps their business to grow stronger. Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) is annual event organized by Directorate General for National Export Development (DGNED), Ministry of Trade Republic of Indonesia. Since 2007, BNP2TKI have participated in this event to promote Indonesian overseas workers, with excellent supports from partners (educational institutions, training centers, associations, banks, employment agencies (PPTKIS), etc).

At the 27th TEI 2012, BNP2TKI will facilitate the skill demonstration of Indonesian overseas workers from six main job sectors, within 156 meter squared event booths.

Hospitality Sector:
Butter and fruit carving, cake decorating, cooking demonstration, bartending, table setting, and spa therapist.

Health Sector:
Medical check up, brocoscophy, etc.

Construction Sector:
Heavy truck operating, etc.

Oil and Gas Sector:
Piping supervising, piping designing, electrical inspecting, etc.

IT Sector:
Animation designing, programming, and demonstrating, web designing, etc.

Manufacture Sector:
3D modeling, CNC programming, machine designing, etc.

The skill demonstrations are aimed at showing the professional competencies of Indonesian overseas workers that ready to compete internationally.

By considering the main theme, that is “Serving the Global Market” and “Remarkable Indonesia“ as a sub theme, BNP2TKI will try to attract and convince potential buyers who come to the event.

In addition, BNP2TKI will also conduct a Business Meeting with officials of ITPC, Trade Attachés and Economic Affairs from Indonesian Representatives from all over the world.


Dear partners and potential employers, We are proud to recall that BNP2TKI will participate in the 27th Trade Expo Indonesia, the largest expo of the year with strong support from the government and private sectors, on October 17 - 21, 2012 at Jakarta International Expo.

It is indeed a great pleasure to invite you to visit BNP2TKI booth, located in Hall A, Stand 3,4,5 and 25 and join the Employment Business Meeting on October 19, 2012.

You are well assured to find the best Indonesian workers with excellent competencies, fine skills, professional work ethics and personal qualities, who will delightedly benefit your business. We are pleased to welcome your other prospective business partners who potentially need Indonesian workers.

There, you will be the witness of Indonesian workers’ true excellences through live skill demonstration. Moreover, you will have a direct one on one business meeting with our local partners, such as Indonesian educational institutions, associations, employment agencies, and many more.


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