BNP2TKI Employment Business Meeting Hospitality Sector 1 sampai 2-03-2013 Cetak
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Employment Business Meeting Hospitality Sector 1 sampai 2-03-2013

Panorama Regency Hotel
Batam, 1-2 March 2013
Remarkable Indonesian Overseas Workers



It is indeed a great pleasure to invite you to BNP2TKI Employment Business Meeting "Hospitality Sector", on March 1 - 2, 2013 at Panorama

Regency Hotel, Batam. Through BNP2TKI Employment Business Meeting "Hospitality Sector", BNP2TKI is intended to facilitate those who need

Indonesian workers, ie prospective employers and employment agencies from Singapore and Malaysia, as Demanders; and those who provide the best Indonesian workers with excellent competencies, fine skills, professional work ethics and personal qualities, such as Indonesian education institution, training center, education and professional institution and employment agencies, as Suppliers, to mutually benefit each other.

BNP2TKI Employment Business Meeting "Hospitality Sector" is strongly supported by Indonesian government, especially our respectful Indonesian Representative Office in Singapore and Malaysia, in hope that any agreements can have the official endorsement from Indonesian Embassy or General Consulate or Consulate.

Who is TKI?

TKI, which stands for Tenaga Kerja Indonesia or Indonesian Overseas Workers are widely known for their professional intellectual and capacity, as well as excellent etiquette.

Indonesian government through BNP2TKI continuously and systematically endeavor to improve the quality of TKI, as well as its placement and protection.

Today, TKI are found almost in all business sectors around the world. Indonesian professional chefs, bartenders, waiters and waitresses, housekeeping and spa therapists are highly demanded in hotels and cruises. Indonesian skilled nurses and caregivers are requested by many hospitals and health care clinics. Indonesian construction engineers, architects and civil workers are widely employed in major construction sites. Indonesian oil and gas experts are placed in numerous company and off shores.

Indonesian IT professionals are widely spreaded in IT company. Moreover, Indonesian manufacturer experts and workers are extensively employed in international industries worldwide. Many companies around the world have proved that TKI helps their business to grow stronger.

Employment Business Meeting

BNP2TKI through Directorate of Promotion with strong support from Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Indonesian Representative

Offices in Singapore and Malaysia, will hold BNP2TKI Employment Business Meeting "Hospitality Sector", on March 1 - 2, 2013 at Panorama Regency Hotel, Batam.

BNP2TKI Employment Business Meeting "Hospitality Sector“ is expected to be the best medium to facilitate the need to employ the best Indonesian workers from various sectors especially Hospitality. In this event, we bring Demander and Supplier together.


International stakeholder i.e. Foreign Employer, employment agencies, and other recognized institutions from Singapore and Malaysia.


Recognized education institutions,

Productive training centres,

Respectful education/ professional associations
More than 50

Indonesian Employment Agencies who are ready to provide the selective Indonesian workers.

Demand Side

Malaysian Hotels

  1. Renaissance Hotel
  2. Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa
  3. Hotel Istana
  4. Seri Pacific Hotel
  5. Citrus Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
  6. Mutiara Johor Baharu
  7. Berjaya Hotel and Resorts
  8. Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel
  9. The Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur
  10. One World Hotel
  11. Cyberview Lodge Resort and Spa
  12. Rumah Putih Bed and Breakfast
  13. Concorde Inn Kuala Lumpur International Airport Hotel
  14. The YouniQ Hotel
  15. Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside
  16. Marriott Putrajaya, and many others to come

Singaporean Hotels

  1. Value Hotel Thomson
  2. Carlton Hotel Singapore
  3. Conrad Hotel
  4. Ibis Singapore Novena
  5. Oasia Hotel Singapore
  6. Wangz Hotel
  7. Pan Pacific Singapore
  8. Raffles Hotel Singapore
  9. InterContinental Singapore
  10. The Forest by Wangz
  11. Bayview Hotel Singapore
  12. Hotel Nostalgia Pte
  13. Little Red Dot
  14. One World Hotel
  15. Fairmont Hotel and Resort
  16. Marina Bay Sands
  17. Four season Hotel Singapore
  18. Grandmercure hotel, and many others to come

Education Institutions


  1. The Bali Hotel School
  2. Udayana University, Faculty of Tourism
  3. Bali Tourism Institute
  4. Dhyana Pura University
  5. The International Bali Tourism Institute
  6. Ubud Spa Academy


  1. Bandung Institute of Tourism
  2. Bandung Academy of Tourism
  3. Academy of National Tourism Indonesia
  4. Sandhy Putra Academy of Tourism
  5. Tadikapuri Academy of Tourism


  1. International University of Batam


  1. Management of Hospitality UNTAG-PRIMA,


  1. Jakarta Academy of Tourism
  2. Jakarta International Hotel
  3. Bunda Mulia Academy of Tourism
  4. Krisanti Widya Mandiri Academy of Tourism
  5. Matoa Academy of Tourism
  6. Sahid Institute of Tourism
  7. Trisakti Institute of Tourism
  8. Binus University
  9. Pelita Harapan School of Hospitality and Tourism


  1. Makassar Academy of Tourism


  1. Mataram Academy of Tourism


  1. Medan Academy of Tourism


  1. Semarang Institute of Tourism Surabaya
  2. Satya Widya Institute of Tourism


  1. Indraphrasta Institute of Tourism
  2. AMPTA Institute of Tourism
  3. Ambarukmo Institute of Tourism
  4. BSI Academy of Tourism
  5. Buana Wisata Academy of Tourism
  6. Dharma Nusantara Academy of Tourism
  7. Stipary Academy of Tourism
  8. Indonesian Academy of Tourism
  9. Miami Fleet


  1. Manado Institute of Tourism

Training Institutions

  1. Indonesia Wellness and Healthcare Tourism (IWHT)
  2. Mandala Spa
  3. Bali Spa Training Center
  4. Bidadari Luxury Spa
  5. Bali Orchid
  6. Spa Bali International Academy
  7. Bali Bisa Spa School
  8. Essentia Spa Academy
  9. Bali International Spa Training and Education Centre
  10. Ubud Spa Academy
  11. Nuri Cianjur Spa Training Center

Indonesian Employment Agencies

  1. PT Yonasindo Intra Pratama
  2. PT Barfo Mahdi
  3. PT Haena Duta Cemerlang
  4. PT Bagos Bersaudara
  5. PT Mardel Anugrah Internasional
  6. PT Mekarjaya Wanayasa Putra
  7. PT Balanta Budi Prima
  8. PT Fioken Kencana Mandiri
  9. PT Fahad Fajar Mustika
  10. PT Bina Kerja Cemerlang
  11. PT Binajasa Abadi Karya
  12. PT Guna Mandiri Paripurna
  13. PT Lansima
  14. PT Dutakusumaros Persadha
  15. PT Yanbu Al Bahar Recruitment
  16. PT Andika Bilenta Bakti
  17. PT Assanacita Mitrabangsa
  18. PT Assanatama Karya Mandiri
  19. PT Asri Cipta Tenaga Karya
  20. PT Indonaker Mandiri
  21. PT Mardel Mitra Global
  22. PT Mitra Sinergi Sukses
  23. PT Tenaga Sejahtera Wirasta
  24. PT Surya Pasific Jaya
  25. PT Sukses Mandiri Utama
  26. PT Citra Karya Sejati
  27. PT Sentosa Pancasakti
  28. PT Sinergi Bina Karya
  29. PT Sinar Harapan Anda
  30. PT Anugerah Usaha Jaya
  31. PT Dian Karisma Mandiri
  32. PT Cahya Dewi Primadona
  33. PT Pancamanah Utama
  34. PT Bangun Gunung Sari
  35. PT Binawan Inti Utama
  36. PT Dian Yogya Perdana
  37. PT Quantum Job
  38. PT Bina Mandiri Mulia Raharja
  39. PT Bali Duta Mandiri
  40. PT Bali Paradise Citra Dewata
  41. PT Lawu Agung Rinjani Permai
  42. PT Satria Abdi Persada
  43. PT Adhi Makmur Oenggoel Insani
  44. PT Bina Kridatama Lestari
  45. PT Sarimadu Jayanusa
  46. PT Selodang Mayang Bestari
  47. PT Citra Perdana Perkasa
  48. PT Graha Cipta Utama
  49. PT Indosinma Mahkota Indah
  50. PT Lia Central
  51. PT Pinangsiam Karya Utama
  52. PT Sansan Yosindo
  53. PT Andalan Mitra Prestasi
  54. PT Putra Pertiwi Jaya Lestari
  55. PT Genta Karya Sejahtera
  56. PT Karyatama Mitra Sejati
  57. PT Leres Kahuripan Sejati
  58. PT Okdo Harapan Mulia
  59. PT Wira Karitas
  60. PT Al Wihdah Jaya Sentosa
  61. PT Ekoristi Berkarya
  62. PT Graha Indra Wahana Perkasa
  63. PT Mutiara Karya Mitra
  64. PT Sahara Fajarrindo Corp
  65. PT Sere Multi Pertiwi
  66. PT Sofia Sukses Sejati

Professional Association

  1. Association Spa Therapist Indonesia
  2. Association of Culinary Professionals Indonesia
  3. Indonesian Chef Association
  4. Indonesia Housekeepers Association
  5. The Association of Indonesia Tourism Higher Education/Himpunan Pendidikan Tinggi Pariwisata (HILDIKTIPARI)
  6. Association for the Placement and Protection of Indonesian Spa Workers/Asosiasi Pelaksana Penempatan dan Perlindungan Tenaga Kerja Spa Indonesia (AP3TKSI)
  7. The Indonesian Manpower Services Association/Asosiasi Perusahaan Jasa Tenaga Kerja Indonesia (APJATI)
  8. Indonesian Workers Service Entrepreneurs Association/Himpunan Pengusaha Jasa Penempatan Tenaga Kerja Indonesia (HIMSATAKI)

Registration Form

The EBM Package is Rp 350.000 per pax, include 1 (one) day accommodation, dinner, and meeting package. We provide 2 days under this package (1-2 March 2012)

Please complete the attached Registration Form and confirm your reservation by returning completed form and proof of payment through fax to:

Directorate of Promotion T/F: (+62-21) 79188922

Should you need further information, kindly contact our officials at:

  • Ms Maria: +62-8161812143
  • Ms Ira: +62 8121234757
  • Mr Dimas: +62 8121837333

Please complete the Registration Form and return it along with Proof of Payment by February 15, 2013.
(Please use block letters)

Institution/Company’s Name :


Business Type :


Address :




Website Address:


Email Address:


Telephone :


Fax :


Participant’s Name:


Position :


Mobile Phone:


Email :


Other Participants’ Name:





Please inform any job demand from your country (for foreign partners):






Please inform any supply (for Indonesian partners):


Agreed by:



(Please write name and sign)

Date: ____________________________________

1 Maret
Mulai 14.00Check in dan RegistrasiPanitia
19.30-20.30Pembukaan- Sambutan dan Pembukaan oleh Kepala BNP2TKI- Laporan Ketua Penyelenggara oleh Deputi KLN dan Promosi-Keynote Speaking ''Kesempatan Kerja dalam Industri Pariwisata Singapura'' oleh Duta Besar LBBP RI untuk Singapura
20.30-22.00Panel Demand dan PengenalanEmployer/Agency yang turut serta dalam Tim Perwakilan RI
1. KBRI Singapura
2. KBRI Kualalumpur
3. KJRI Johor Bahru
4. KJRI Kota Kinabalu
5. KJRI Penang
6. KJRI Kuching
7. KRI Tawau
Coffeebreak dilayani di dalam ruangan
2 Maret
06.00-08.00Sarapan pagi
08.00-08.30Registrasi Peserta EBMPanitia
08.30-09.00Pengarahan oleh Deputi KLN dan Promosi
09.00-10.00Panel Supply
1) ''Tenaga Kerja Indonesia di Pasar Global'' oleh Kepala Badan Pengembangan Sumber Daya Pariwisata dan Ekonomi Kreatif, Kemenparekraf (I Gde Pitana)
2) ''Spa Therapist Indonesia'' oleh Ketua Indonesia Wellness and Healthcare Tourism, IWHT (Ibu Lourda Hutagalung)
Coffeebreak dilayani di dalam ruangan
10.00-12.00One on One Meeting
12.00-13.30Makan siang dan istirahat
13.30-16.00One on One Meeting (continued)
16.00-16.15PenutupanDeputi KLN dan Promosi


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